Archaeological Excavation & Drainage System Installation, Summer 2011
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About The Excavation & Drainage Installation

New York State Museum staff and volunteers have been conducting an archaeological investigation in the area around Van Hoesen House where a drainage system is to be installed later on by other volunteers. They will be searching for buried artifacts that could reveal details about the history of the house. The drainage pipe will serve to remove some of the excess water from the basement without destabilizing the soil underlying the foundation.

VHHHF thanks the New York State Museum staff and the volunteers for this important work. Their efforts will help ensure that any buried artifacts will be properly captured and documented before necessary repair and maintenance work is conducted at the site. We also thank the property owners, Dutch Village of Claverack, NY for their continued support and cooperation with this important historical work at the Van Hoesen House Site.

More information and photos are available at the links above.