Archaeological Excavation & Drainage System Installation, Summer 2011
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June 2 Update: Site Review & Surveying

On Thursday June 2, 2011 New York State museum researchers arrived at the Van Hoesen House grounds in Claverack, New York and began the mapping phase of the archaeological excavation project. They used surveying equipment to begin determining the positions and elevations of points around the house. The museum staff will use this data to develop topographic maps of the site for use in the archaeological excavation work that will follow.



Discussing plans for archaeological excavation work at the Van Hoesen House Site
Dr. Charles Orser, Curator of Historical Archaeology, New York State Museum (Left)
Ed Klingler, President, Van Hoesen House Historical Foundation (Right)
June 2, 2011



In the cellar where some of the excavation work is to be conducted.




June 2, 2011





Susan Winchell-Sweeney, Archaeology Research & Collections Technician with the New York State Museum, conducts mapping measurements on June 2, 2011




New York State Museum Staff Assisting with Measurements and Data Collection, June 2, 2011



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