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The VHHHF began in 2005 when local citizens gathered to address the deterioration of the Jan Van Hoesen House (c 1740) in Claverack township, NY. The house was abandoned in the 1960s when the land it occupies was acquired by a local businessman who then developed the adjoining fields into a mobile home park. Since then the house has remained undisturbed at the edge of this new community.

Although the house’s metal roof and brick walls have protected the building’s integrity, in the past decade deterioration has accelerated - especially in mortar joints and footings. VHHHF is working with the property owner to reach the best solution for the preservation of the house. The owner is allowing VHHHF access to the structure for ongoing study. Concurrently, we are building our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization to prepare for the long-term preservation of this unique building.

I am especially pleased to note that the Van Hoesen House was selected by the Preservation League of New York State for inclusion on its 2009 "Seven To Save'" in honor of New York State's Quadricentennial Celebration. We thank you for your interest and would greatly appreciate your support.

Ed Klingler, President
Van Hoesen House Historical Foundation

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